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This is a specially-designed section of the Camden Computing Services web site, where we post answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs).  Since this FAQ section is quite different from other parts of our site, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the layout and search features.

At the top-right corner of the page are two links in the header, they are:

  • A very brief explanation of how to find things in the FAQ system.
  • A mailto link for the Camden IT Help Desk (

Along the left-hand side is the main FAQ menu.  From top to bottom, your choices are:

  • Go to our main web site (
  • Go to this page.
  • Search all FAQs/documents in realtime as you type.
  • Search FAQs/documents by category.
  • Go to the FAQ/document sitemap (an alphabetized index of all FAQs and documents)
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Along the right-hand side are two lists of links that update in realtime.  The top list shows the ten most viewed FAQs/documents in this system while the bottom list shows the five most recently updated or added FAQs/documents.

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